Transitioning to SimpleHelp 5.0

SimpleHelp 5.0 includes important changes to how Technician Groups work, how server memory is set, and information for users upgrading from pre-final releases of SimpleHelp 4.2.

This guide contains links to relevant articles about these changes.

Upgrading from SimpleHelp 4.2 (20150130-214007) or earlier

If you are not running the latest v4.2 SimpleHelp release, then you should upgrade to the final build of v4.4, Auto Restart your remote access services, and subsequently upgrade to the most recent release.

The final release build of v4.4 can be found on our previous releases page.

Setting your Server's Memory Limit

A SimpleHelp installation always operates within a memory limit that is lower than the available memory on the server. For larger server installations we recommend increasing the memory. In SimpleHelp 5.0 these configuration options now form part of the standard server configuration, and will be backed up and preserved across server upgrades. If you alter the SimpleHelp memory limit then read our knowledge base article for additional details.

Server Memory Limit in SimpleHelp 5.0

Merged Technician Groups

In previous versions of SimpleHelp technicians who were members of multiple groups would need to select the group context that they wished to use when logging in. Technicians would be restricted by this single group at one time. In SimpleHelp 5.0 technician groups are now merged, presenting a number of benefits to technicians and administrators, but also subtly altering how groups operate in SimpleHelp. If your technicians are members of multiple groups read our knowledge base article for additional details.

Technician Groups in SimpleHelp 5.0